Name: Sydney Danielle Muñoz 

Parents: Sandra Munoz and David Munoz Jr.

Educational or Future Plans: I plan to receive my bachelors from the University of Incarnate Word, and further my career in law school.

Clubs: Cheerleading

Best Advice: “Regret of the past or anxiety of the future are thieves of the present.” -unknown

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 23 years old, with my bachelors, and attending law school. 

What would you change about this world and why? We live in a world where most people fear compassion, which we, as a whole, are lacking. We must become fearless; we must be able to recognize our own darknesses, to recognize our own shared humanity.

Three people to dinner and why? Michael Jackson, Lana Del Rey, and Anthony Kiedis. These artists are similar in ways that are unique and are known for their distinctive personality. 

Favorite Food: Crawfish

Favorite Book: 13 reasons why

Favorite Movie: The Equalizer

Favorite Town in Texas: San Antonio

Favorite Vacation Spot: Orlando, Florida

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