FREER - Norman Thomas Elementary students who participated in the science fair. The science fair winners were:

Kinder - Jolie Casas, first place, Syrah Luan, second place, and Kulie Luna, third place

First grade - Dorian Martinez, first place, Braden Worden, second place, Cooper McAnear, third place, Jaycee Johns, fourth place, and Adrian Baker, fifth place.

Second grade - Raymond Saenz, first place, Niyati Patel, second place, Gianni Lopez, third place, Eli Luna, fourth place, and Oscar Luan, fifth place.

Third grade - Brenda Martinez, first place, David Ortiz, second place, Jaime Casas, third place, John Hinojosa, fourth place, and Maddison Hinojosa, fifth place.

Fourth grade - Maddison Lopez, first place, Kadrian Perez, second place, Keon Torres, third place, Julian Carrillo, fourth place, and Treycie Lerma, fifth place.

Fifth grade - Cole Davis, first place, Chloe Spencer, second place, Layne Trevino, third place, Tomson Fugle, fourth place, and Esther Garza, fifth place.