A shy girl from Brownsville moved to Alice with her husband and immediately began to make a difference in the lives of children in the community.

Virdiana Guzman has been a teacher at Saenz Elementary for the last five years. She educates her prekindergarten students by finding out what their interests are and how she can use that to make sure they understand her lessons.

On Wednesday, Alice Echo News Journal and Bowden Ford of Alice presented Guzman with the November Amazing Teacher. While wiping away tears she explained how much joy she gets from her students.

“I love children and working with them,” she stated. “I think every child is capable of learning I just have to find the connection. I’m a very patient person and that helps."

Vitoria Vasquez nominated Guzman for the award. Vasquez is the mother of one of Guzman’s students.

“As my daughter started school this year, I was quite nervous. She had never had any prior schooling, and yes, we had gone over the basics (ABC’s & 1,2,3’s) but I still worried,” Vasquez said. "That all changed when my daughter came home from her first day of school. She was so excited to tell me about what she had learned and how nice and smart her teacher was. I was immediately relieved and so happy to hear such wonderful things from a 3 year old about her teacher. Then came the second day, and the third...and the good things just kept coming. Here we are months since the start of school and my daughter has learned so much….Aside from being a phenomenal teacher and a saint to all 23 kids in her pre-k class, she still manages to inform parents of how their child’s day went and is so nice to each person she comes in contact with."

AENJ will surprise a teacher each month until May. To nominate a teacher whose made a difference in your life or child's life, you can click on the nomination Amazing Teacher button on our website at www.alicetx.com.