In a day that most lives are centered around electronics, one family turned off the television and began to use their God-given talents.

Lindley Creek is an acoustic family band that showcases traditional bluegrass and gospel music, soulful, soaring lead vocals, soothing family harmonies, intricate instrumental breaks and original songwriting, Lindley Creek presents compelling acoustic music and a sincere family sound.

The band is made up of John Rob Greer, Kathie Greer, Jase Greer and Katie Greer.

The family performs throughout the Ozarks, around the United States and Canada.

On Sunday, Dec. 10, the Lindley Creek will performa at the First Baptist Church located at 501 East Second Street in Alice at 10 a.m. before heading to the Valley.

The band performs at churches, concerts, fairs, festivals and more.

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