SAN DIEGO - Three men were arrested by the San Diego Police Department for crimes such as burglary and possession of narcotics.

Burglary on St. Charles Street

Recently, police arrested Robert Fuentes for burglary of a habitation, a second degree felony, that he is alleged to have committed on the 600 block of West St. Charles. An investigation into the burglary of the residence led police to Fuentes. He was transported to the Duval County jail.

Bicyclist arrested

As police patrolled the 400 block of North St. James Street they observed a man on a bicycle. Officers made contact with Manuel Castillo. During the roadside interview, officers discovered Castillo was in possession of marijuana. He was arrested and transported to the Duval County jail. He was charged with possession of marijuana, less than two ounces, Class B Misdemeanor.

Man arrested in connection with two burglaries

Rudy Ramirez was recently arrested for allegedly breaking into a building on the 600 Block of South Ventura and on the 700 block of East Juanita. According to police, the investigation led them to issue a warrant for Ramirez. At both properties Ramirez took stolen property in an attempt to sell. Ramirez was arrested for burglary of a building, a state jail felony, and burglary of a habitation, a second degree felony.

Chief issues warning to residents

San Diego Police Chief Richard Nava wants to let the citizens of San Diego know that anyone who comes to your home or approach you to sell something, call the police because the property might be stolen.

Under the Texas Penal Code 31.03 law states that anyone can be arrested for receiving and concealing property. So don't take the chance on buying something stolen, call the police.