SAN DIEGO - Fifty-four years after the first class bell rang the old junior high school building in San Diego is being demolished.

The multi-room building served students who attended San Diego ISD as a high school and a junior high.

In the fall of 1963, the first high school students walked through the class doors. While the building was a place to learn, students made lasting friendships and memories as they sat or walked the halls of the institution.

The demolition has began and is expected to last approximately 60 days, according to Superintendent Dr. Sam Bueno. JR Ramon Demolition is handing the project of memories far beyond tiled walls and chalkboards.

Year after year, students gathered in the different lobby's waiting for class to begin, walking down the halls with friends, and celebrating special events in the auditorium.

Classes donated mementos to the building such as the district's Alma Matter painted on the gym wall, a bench in the foyer or a Fighting Vaqueros plaque outside the building to commemorate their years of attendance.

Parts of the gym such as the Alma Matter, the Vaquero Mascot on the gym floor and two broncos have be removed and will hopefully be used at the other schools or possibly donated to the local museum, according to Bueno.

The demolition crew is gathering windows, doors and any other items that can be salvaged. They have also demolished the swimming pool located at the back of the school where students and the community cooled off during the warm weather.

The building was left vacant after a new junior high building was constructed in 2016.