KLEBERG COUNTY - A 20-year-old Roma man was arrested Monday after agents uncovered a modified compartment in the bed his pickup truck that contained several bundles of cash.

Agents with the Kleberg and Jim Wells County Sheriff Offices were working on Highway 77 as part of their coalition when they observed a white Toyota pickup occupied by Samuel Cantu, a 19-year-old woman and infant traveling south.

According to Kleberg County Sheriff's Office's press release, during a search of the vehicle the patrol officer noticed that the bolts of the rear bumper of the truck had been tampered with. A further search of the rear bumper revealed the aftermarket compartment which contained the gray duct taped bundles.

The bundles consisted of $367,150.

Cantu was taken to the Kleberg County jail and charged with money laundering and possession of a criminal instrument.

The woman and infant were released pending further investigation.