ORANGE GROVE - Thanks to the actions of "a quick thinking officer" agents confiscated 180 grams of crystal meth from a hotel room toilet during a raid in Orange Grove.

Agents with the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office and Alice Police Department targeted a hotel room where they believed Thomas Osborne and Jennifer Cheaney were selling narcotics.

On Monday, agents hit the hotel room on the 500 block of East Orange Avenue, but struggled to get in.

According to Lt. Ernie Rivera with the JWC Sheriff's Office, the hotel room door was heavily fortified making it difficult to gain entrance giving the suspects a chance to destroy the narcotics. Osborne ripped open a large plastic bags and dumped smaller plastic bags that contained crystal meth into the toilet.

"There's no telling how much went down the drain," Rivera said. "Thanks to a quick thinking officer who sacrificed his hands to save the drugs.

Agents confiscated 180 grams of crystal meth equal to 6.4 ounces, $3,100 and less than two grams of marijuana. They also seized drug paraphernalia and ammunition.

"As you can tell this was an ongoing operation," said JWC Sheriff Daniel Bueno. "We just disrupted a major part of a crystal meth operation in downtown Orange Grove."

Osborne is a convicted felon and confirmed gang member.

Osborne and Cheaney were transported to the JWC jail. They were charged with manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance and tampering fabricate physical evidence with intent to impair. As of Tuesday, they remained in jail. Osborne had a total bond of $12,000 and Cheaney was given a total bond of $12,500.