Hillcrest Elementary hosted a community book-reading event on Friday,  Nov 17. 

Prominent community members took time out of their schedules to read a story or two to students at the school.

Community members who donated their time included Judge Edie Gonzalez-Lemon, Deputy Ruben Garcia, Chief Inspector Margarito Perez, Mary R. Garcia Principal Monica Morales-Garcia, and Hillcrest Principal Patrick Garza.

Fostering a child’s love for reading can go a long way toward helping students build their own love of reading.

This literacy event was to help students learn that reading could be fun, and it is an important skill to have and use your whole life. Community members were also asked questions after the book reading pertaining to their careers and what kind of education it took for them to get their job.

The day was such a success that plans are being made to have another similar event in the spring. Hillcrest Elementary is committed to teaching students to read and committed to having community involvement at the school.