• NAME & PARENT: Greg Rodriguez, son of Lisa Cisneros, senior at Alice High School 

• EDUCATIONAL PLANS: I plan on furthering my education at either the University of Texas at Austin or the University of Incarnate Ward.

• CLUBS AND POSITIONS: NHS, Soccer, Diving, and Captain of the Alice High School Cheer Squad.

• ACCOMPLISHMENTS/HONORS: Second Team All-State in Diving, Top All-American Cheerleader, Coyote Scholar, MVP Diving 2015-2017, and AHS Cheer Leadership Award

• BEST ADVICE: The best advice I got was from my mother and she told me to set my sights high and just go for it!

• 5 YEAR PLAN: In 5 years, I see myself graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and attending law school. 

• CHANGE IN THE WORLD: If there was one thing I would change about this world, it would be the amount of hate that is circulated. Nobody should be viewed as less because they are different. Diversity is what makes each individual person unique and interesting.

• 3 PEOPLE AT DINNER: I would invite Kali Uchis because she is such a talented and humble person that I can learn a lot from. Simone Biles because she would be able to give me some good techniques about tumbling. Finally, I would invite Barak Obama to thank him for the positive changes he brought to this country.


o FOOD: Chicken Spaghetti

o BOOK: House of Leaves

o MOVIE: Push


o VACATION SPOT: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

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