Agents arrested 62-year-old Roberto Garcia on Monday evening after a raid at a residence on the 800 block of Louis Street.

Alice Narcotic Division, SWAT team and Brooks County Sheriff's deputies executed the warrant. The entry team forced themselves into the residence through the fortified front door that was reinforced with a metal pipe. Once the agents were inside, agents found Garcia and another man.

A search of the residence led officers to seize five small bags of cocaine, ready for distribution, that had a total weight of 1.6 grams and two large bags of a white powdery substance that had a total weight of 230 grams.

The large bags of white powdery substance was sent to the lab for further testing. According to Barrera, the substance was sent for analysis to determine if the substance is an additive or a highly diluted cocaine substance.

"Alice PD is commits to enforcing the arrest and conviction of drug offenders in our community," Barrera said.

Garcia was taken to the Jim Wells County jail, and charged with manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance.