On Tuesday, Johnathan and Noelia Rudel, owners of Holmgreen Mortuary, visited the Alice Police Department and the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department with a inspirational message to the men and women in law enforcement in an effort to raise public awareness as they show public support for law enforcement.

Holmgreen Mortuary is the sponsor of the Officers Awareness Program.

"In these trying times, we fell that it is important to let our officers know that we support them," Jonathan said. "These men and women take up the badge and risk their lives to serve and protect us. We want to tell this 'Band of Brothers' that our community will band together to support and honor them."

Jonathan and Noelia presented the two department with black bracelets that have a thin blue line, a reminder to officers and anyone who wears them that law enforcement matters.

"So when you see this black band with the thin blue line, you know that it is in honor of those who risk everything to protect our lives and or freedoms," Jonathan stated.

Anyone wanting a bracelet to show their support for law enforcement can pickup a wrist band at Holmgreen Mortuary located at 2061 East Main Street or with the departments while supplies last.