Gabrielle Garcia recently became the director of Good Foundations Learning Center after being a stay at home mom to her youngest child.

"It was a neat opportunity that was positive not only for my daughter, but other families," Garcia said about her new job. "By me taking this position we were able to add a prek class with center based curriculum."

Garcia had been taking care of her youngest daughter to help save her family money while her other two children attend Alice Christian School. Due to the local economy, her family decided it would be better for her to stay with her daughter instead of paying a babysitter.

Garcia enjoys getting to know all the parents and families of the kids that are cared for in the facility. Good Foundations Learning Center is adjacent to the Cornerstone Baptist Church and the Alice Christian School on North Stadium.

"We are babysitting. We are teaching our kids good morals, ethics and of course numbers and their A,B, C's," she said. "It's a learning environment preparing kids for the next phase in their educational future."

The center cares for kids from the age of 18 months to 12 years old, before parents decide what schools they will continue getting an education.

"The kids are here longer than they are at home," Garcia said. "We're have established a loving Christian environment giving kids a family environment aside from their learning."