SAN DIEGO - Jessi Adami, 45, was arrested Monday after he went to the Duval County Courthouse to confront his wife  about a video he received that showed her cheating with another man, sources said.

Police were called to the courthouse for a domestic disturbance that involved Adami, his wife and a Sheriff Deputy.

When San Diego Police Officer Wilfred Cantu arrived he was met by Adami's wife who told him that Adami showed up at her workplace because he was upset about a video. She attempted to leave when she observed Adami following her.

As she returned to her workplace Adami rammed his wife's truck with her inside, according to Cantu.

Adami was arrested by Duval County Sheriff's Deputies who witnessed the incident.

He was booked into the Duval County jail and was charged with aggravated assault date/family/house with weapon. He was released Tuesday on a bond of $12,000.