H-E-B kicked off National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month with a special live performance of the new H-E-B Buddy League Training Academy, a high-energy show with song and animation.

On Friday, the show, geared to first-grade through third-grade students, was at Noonan Elementary.

The live show will hit the road, visiting 26 elementary schools across Texas through November. H-E-Buddy and H-E-B Partners also will visit more than 300 elementary school classrooms throughout the state to engage students in a variety of activities and conversations that reinforce the anti-bullying message.

H-E-B Buddy League promotes kindness and respect over negative behaviors such as teasing, exclusion and bullying. Bullying is a widespread issue that can cause negative physical, social and mental-health issues. Children who are bullied more often experience depression, anxiety, and feelings of sadness and loneliness as well as experience lower academic achievement and school participation.