Everyday for the past two years since the heinous murders of two Alice men two families have struggled with grief.

On Friday, families and friends of Robert Mata and Marcelino Guerra celebrated their lives cut short.

Deacon Emede Gonzalez from St. Joseph Catholic Church gave a special prayer and blessing for the families of the two men. Gonzalez told the families to remember what the men left behind and take comfort in blessings as well as the memories they had.

Mata, 53 at the time of his death, left behind a wife of 17 years. Guerra, 50  at the time of his death, left behind a wife of 21 years. They were fathers, grandfathers, brothers and friends.

One night, one moment of heartache, sadness, grief and unimaginable pain united two families together with the assistance of the Rio Grande Valley Empowerment Zone. 

One man, Andres Garza, was sentenced to prison on murder charges. He was given a total of 125 years to serve in a Texas prison. Two other men, Michael Castro and Richard Perez, are awaiting trial for their part in the murder of Mata and Guerra.