Jim Wells County Sheriff deputies disrupted a distribution operation Thursday morning when they executed a narcotic search warrant on the 1300 block of South Gulf Street.

When deputies arrived they immediately detained two men and had to chase the third man into the backyard. According to officials, the man they were targeting ran out the backyard and threw a bag of marijuana over the backyard fence.

A search of the home received the target was not a small time dealer. With the assistance of Duval and Brooks County Sheriffs deputies, agents seized large digital scales, under four ounces of marijuana, and $9,648, according to officials.

"It's evident that this was a full operation that the narcotic diversion disrupted," said JWC Sheriff Daniel Bueno. "The Rancho Alegre area has been plagued with drug dealers."

Also seized was a surveillance system.

"If you're selling drugs in the Rancho Alegre area we're coming after you," Bueno stated. "Anything we can do to disrupt the sell of drugs in our community."

The three men were released. However, charges are pending against the target.

The case is under investigation.