Alice ISD Parent Outreach Presentation

Alice ISD welcomes parents and community members to attend an informative presentation Wednesday, Oct. 18 that can assist them in providing their adolescent children with positive coping behaviors when dealing with stressful situations.

This presentation is the first of a series of eight parent outreach meetings that Alice ISD along with various community organizations will host throughout the school year. Topics to be presented will cover a wide range of interests such as: literacy, health and wellness, parenting skills, drug prevention, STAAR best practices and many more.

On Wednesday, Oct. 18, parents and guardians will have the opportunity to attend a presentation given by Dr. So’Nia Gilkey, Social Work Program Director for Texas A&M University – Kingsville. This presentation will provide parents with information on how children should use effective coping behaviors when difficult emotions and emotionally distressing situations arise.

This session specifically explores the use of cutting as a coping behavior in youth, identifying signs of cutting, identifying what causes this behavior, and learning to use more effective ways to manage feelings and emotions when dealing with peer pressure, low-self-esteem, and stressful social situations with peers. Improving one's self-esteem, self-confidence, adopting good self-talk and learning how to ask for help is emphasized. A question and answer segment will be available at the end of the presentation.

Presentation Title: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Adolescents Cope with Difficult Feelings and Emotions: Avoiding Harmful Behaviors 

The event starts at 6p.m. at the Alice Boys & Girls Club located at 793 S. Texas Boulevard. Menudo will be served starting at 6 p.m.