Gabriella Canales, daughter of Adan and Elizabeth Canales, has been chosen as this week’s Teen of the Week.

Canales' future plans are to attend either Texas A&M University College Station, or University of Texas at Austin. If accepted to Texas A&M University she plans on getting a degree in Allied Health, then continuing her masters degree to become an Occupational Therapist. If accepted into University of Texas, she plans on majoring in Public Health, graduating with that degree than going further for her masters in Occupational Therapy.

Canales is the Junior Class Treasurer 2016-2017, NHS Secretary 2017-2018, HOSA Member, Interact Active Member, Athletics.

Her accomplishments and honors include top 20, ranked 12, 4-year varsity returner in -volleyball -softball -golf, 2-year varsity -powerlifting -golf, and history fair regional qualifier.

The best advice that she has ever received came from her father. Her father has always told her to always work hard, in school, or whatever challenge she may face, because hard work outshines talent when talent hardly works. This has stuck with her throughout her high school years and has kept her striving to always try to come out on top.

In five years Canales see herself a graduated from a great university with a bachelors degree having to do with a health profession, and then furthering her career as an occupational therapist.

If Canales could change anything in this world it would be to lessen the amount of poverty throughout all the countries. As you pass through the streets wherever you may be you can see so many people without homes, food, and money to support the families they have. We have a lot of empty homes that could be turned into shelter for the people in need.

If I could invite any three people to dinner, Canales would invite Lana Del Rey. She is absolutely in love with her beautiful music that always seems to speak to her soul. Canales would also invite Rosa Parks, the way she stood up for her rights as a colored woman show the tremendous strength she has as a person and Canales would love to get to know her and how she felt about the hard life she had faced. Lastly, she would invite Sophia Bush. Bush is Canales favorite character from her favorite show One Tree Hill, she shows a huge amount of power and Canales feels like she could relate to the character Bush was.


Food: Chicken Alfredo

Book: Looking for Alaska by John Green

Movie: Stuck in love

Town in Texas: Austin

Vacation Spot: Florida

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