SAN DIEGO – After a week long trial, a jury of 12 found in favor of Rene Elizondo and the families of Jesus “Jesse” Gonzalez Jr. in a lawsuit against Southcross Energy Partners GP, LLC. and Furmanite Corporation. The jury awarded the families a combined total of approximately $173,000,000.

According to the Duval County jury, the companies, that the men were working under at the time of the incident, were at fault for injuries Elizondo sustained and the death of Gonzalez during an explosion in April 2016.

A Woodboro man died at the scene of the accident. Gonzalez died after the accident and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The jury heard testimony from medical professionals and witnesses about the accident, before and after the explosion occurred.

Witness statements and Elizondo's attorneys explained to the jury that Elizondo suffered major damage to his leg. The damage would mean that Elizondo would never work again. Elizondo was awarded a total of $20,320,000.

Jesse was awarded a total of $30,300,000 which will go to Ivy Gonzalez as administrator of his estate. Gonzalez left behind two daughters who were awarded $47,200,000 each. Amy Gonzalez, Jesse's mother, and Jesus Gonzalez Sr., Jesse's father, were both awarded $13,550,000 each.