While on a drive, one woman found herself unable to breath when her boyfriend wrapped his hands around her neck and choked her, police said.

On Thursday, after an investigation into the alleged incident that occurred on Sept. 15, police arrested Crispin Silvas at the San Patricio jail. He was transported to the Jim Wells County jail where he was charged with assault causing strangulation.

The investigation began after Silvas and the victim had an argument over the misuse of checks when the argument escalated. As the victim was driving down East First Street with her alleged assaulter Silvas when she could no longer breathe, according to Alice Investigators.

As the victim drove she observed a sheriff deputy vehicle parked. The victim was able to get to the off-duty deputy and told him about the incident.

According to investigators, Silvas stayed by the victim denying her accusations until police arrived. Police questioned the children in the car. One of the children told police “daddy, choked her.”

Silvas was uncooperative with police. He was given a $10,000 bond. As of Monday, he had been released from county jail.