Texas A&M University Kingsville Assistant Professor and William Adams graduate, signs a licensing agreement with a distributor for the award-winning documentary that he wrote, produced and directed, South Texas Gentle Men of Steel - Los Padres, winner of 17 international film awards.

Armando P. Ibañez, Assistant Professor and Director of Radio-Television-Digital-Film, ACT Department, signed a licensing agreement this month with international distributor, ALLCAST Media, for distribution of Los Padres via both streaming platforms -- including Amazon Prime, Vudu, Amazon, and Apple iTunes -- as well as conventional venues.

"It's truly an honor to help bring this film to audiences," said Michael Holstein, Chief Content Officer and President, ALLCAST Media, adding that the release date is scheduled for late September.

The documentary is about the end of the 82-year presence of Dominican friars in South Texas, primarily around Alice, San Diego and the surrounding area, with the departure of the last two friars, Fathers Epifanio “Epi” Rodriguez and Benito Retortillo, who left in 2013. Dominican friars, headquartered in San Diego, had a powerful and lasting impact on the history and development of central South Texas, especially when it came to the many Mexican-Americans whom they helped fight against injustice and harsh racism, which speak to the experiences of many in the Southwest.

Los Padres was screened at the invitation of the organizing committee at the International Congress, Dominicans in the Promotion and Defence of Human Rights: Past, Present and Future, in commemoration of the Order's 800th anniversary, held in Salamanca, Spain, Sept. 1 through 5, 2016.

The documentary, produced by Pluma Pictures, a nonprofit film production company, won a total of 17 awards:

Award of Exceptional Merit; Documentary-Feature Length; Docs Without Borders Award of Merit; Documentary-Feature Competition; Accolade Global Film Competition Silver Palm Award; Documentary; Mexico International Film Festival Gold Award; Documentary Feature, Directing and Animated Visuals; International Independent Film Awards Award of Excellence; History/Biographical; The IndieFest Film Awards Award of Merit Special Mention; Christian; The IndieFest Film Awards Best Documentary; iHolly Next Generation Gold Remi Award; WorldFest Houston Award of Excellence; History/Biographical, Documentary, and Religion/Ethics; Impact Docs Awards, 2016 Award of Merit Special Mention; Editing, Contemporary Issues/Awareness and Direction; Impact Docs Awards, 2016

The Oregon International Film Awards, stated, in part: "Our selection committee reviewed several hundred projects originating from many countries around the world, with your select group of films and screenplays emerging as the very finest. Congratulations on your outstanding work!" The Oregon International Film Awards is an international recognition platform and awards body receiving and evaluating new work from both emerging filmmakers and masters of the craft originating from nations from around the globe.

"We are very honored to have screened at Salamanca, and are excited about winning the Platinum Award, a prestigious award, topping our festival circuit run," said writer-producer-director, Armando P. Ibáñez, O.P., a friar of the Southern Dominican Province. "We've completed our festival run, and, thank God, we have excellent awards under our belt. Hopefully, these honors will help us find distribution in either television, Internet streaming or, ideally, both," said Ibáñez.

The film's production crew is comprised of Todd Schmidt of Slidell, LA, producer, editor and special effects artist; Emmy Award Nominee, Joe O. Barrera of Los Angeles and native of San Diego, music composer; Neil de la Peña of Los Angeles, Director of Photography; and Alan Jouet of New Orleans, audio engineer.

The documentary is produced by Pluma Pictures, Inc., a nonprofit film production company. The board of directors includes: Dr. Thomas Hedberg; Dr. Erlinda Grey; and Ned Greene, all of whom are from Los Angeles; Christopher Renz, O.P., Berkeley; Bruce Schultz, O.P., Atlanta; Dr. James Moises, New Orleans; and Michael Paz, Destrehan, Louisiana.