Officers raided a home on the 1600 block of Pena Street Tuesday where they confiscated more than eight grams of cocaine and more than two grams of marijuana.

At approximately 2 p.m., the Alice Police Department's Narcotic Division, SWAT Team and Criminal Investigation Division along with the Duval County's Sheriff Department swarmed the residence and immediately detained Jose Garcia.

A search of the home uncovered cocaine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. According to police officials, Garcia was uncooperative and had to bring in Alice PD K9 Officer Rex for a extensive search.

Law enforcement officers exposed another drug dealer, said Police Chief Rex Ramon. 

Garcia sat on a bench smoking several cigarettes as officers continued to search the residence and a red F150 parked in the driveway.

"Alice PD will leave no stone unturned to get drugs out of Alice regardless of the amount of narcotics we confiscate," said Lt. Luis Barrera. "We will make it very uncomfortable for drug dealers who try to sell drugs within the city limits of Alice."

Garcia was transported to the Jim Wells County jail. He was charged with manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.