From the minute he steps foot on stage until the end of the show, Comedian Efrain Guerrero, better known as Happy will entertain Alice fans with his show “The Bad Humbres of Comedy.”

But this visit is not just business as usual for Happy. Far from it. Alice, Texas has always been a favorite comedy stop for Happy. 

“Because of the great reception that I always receive here, and because of the wonderful, fun loving attitudes of all the people that I have gotten to know over the years,” he said.

It is no secret that South Texas had some great economic booming years due to the oil business expansion. Happy, while driving through Alice on his many business trips to the Rio Grande Valley, noticed how many Texans and Latinos/Latinas were enjoying financial gains and how new business all along the Eagle Ford Shale popped up. Happy recalled at the beginning he noticed home improvements, new cars and trucks, nicer clothes and jewelry on residents who were blessed by the boom.

Then, there was a change.

“The great economic windfall went away as quickly as it began, leaving many South Texans in financial tight spots,” Happy said.

So as some businesses have shut down or scaled down in Alice, Happy wanted to do something to show the people of Alice that he is thinking about them and thinking of ways to bring the “funny” back to the people who have been so good to him. 

“Alice needs to think positive and be happy, because it seems like the oil business is going to come back and things will pick up again,” he said. “I want the people of Alice to come out for a few hours and have a great time hanging out with friends and laugh till they cry or something else!” 

His bigger goal is to make it affordable for everyone who wants to come out and have a good time.

“I don’t want this to be a squeeze on anyone’s budget,” he added. So, Happy called on a few friends in high places to make this happen. 

The Alice KC Hall is Happy’s venue of choice since it has been his tradition to bring his show there for many years.

“I called Mr. Servando “Wolf” Garza Jr., who manages the KC Hall. I told him that I wanted to do a show there, but that I wanted to cut my usual ticket price in half so that the people of Alice could come out for an evening of fun. Wolf talked to his KC board members, and they were all in agreement of doing something positive for their community who they felt was in need of a good laugh.”

With the KC’s help, Happy decided to go ahead with his show plans because he had one more winning card that he wanted to play. The name on that card is Happy’s good friend, Gilbert Ramos.

Happy said that he approached Ramos, the owner of Lobo Plaza in Alice, about his show and idea.

“When my friend Gilbert heard me out, he immediately called the owner of Little Boat-Net and they agreed on a deal.”

“My tickets which usually go for $15 will cost $7.50 for this show,” Happy said.

Happy stated that he felt fortunate to have friends like Ramos, Little Boat-Net, and the Knights of Columbus, who care about their community to do something positive for them.

They made his mission to bring an affordable show to the people of Alice a “Mission Possible.”

Happy is currently busy writing, and editing his TV show, Happy’s ON!, which is airing on the CW channel all over the Rio Grande Valley. “I work very hard to create a quality and funny show that families can enjoy together. I use clips from my live, private and public performances, educational information, satire, and commentaries.”

Happy is working to finish his long overdue seventh CD, “What Was I Thinking!” and continues to work with school districts and businesses as a motivational consultant.

Happy’s live comedy show, “The Bad Humbres of Comedy” is on Saturday, August 12 at 8:30 p.m. and the doors to the KC will open at 7 p.m. so that everyone can come in early, enjoy cold refreshments and visit with friends. Happy’s opening act will feature James Garcia, a funny “Humbre” from Austin, Texas who has worked with Happy on several other shows in Texas.

“ I love my job,” Happy said. “Because when I do it well, I get the great satisfaction of seeing happiness in other peoples' eyes.”