Despite the extreme heat, the Alice High School Band has started their daily practices for their halftime performance during the upcoming football season and this year they are led by three new drum majors with high expectations.

This year's show is “Fear of the Unknown.” A title that fits the three drum majors on what they are about to face.

“It may be our first year, but we were paying attention to last year's drum majors,” said junior Lyndsey Lozano. “We are here to lead the band and show everyone that the band's success hasn't changed.”

Lozano along with senior Ricardo Martinez III and sophomore Madison Timmons are prepared to be the leaders for their fellow bandmates.

“The Alice High School band is a household name rooted in tradition and success,” Martinez stated. “It's an honor to work together with everyone of the band members to continue the tradition. We are here to have fun and do our best.”

While the 220 plus marching band students sweat, they are all learning how to stand straight with instruments at their proper angles, move in one direction in a synchronized time and how to follow directions.

“Last year I was a freshman so I watched and paid attention to everything the drum majors were doing knowing that I could learn from them,” Timmons said. “We are role models with many looking upon us in these leadership roles. What we do matters on and off the field.”

The drum majors are focused on making Alice proud, but having fun at the same time, especially as they sit in the stands surrounded with Coyote fans while they play their musical favorites. 

“It's not all about competition. We aren't here to see who's better. Band is a family of like-minded individuals ready to play our hearts out and have fun, each contributing to the band in a unique way,” Lozano stated.

Agreeing with her fellow drum majors, Timmons added that the band's purpose is to entertain the crowd as the football players race for the win.

“If we're having fun while working together, we will have a better season,” Timmons said. “We'll be passing down our experiences and the lessons we learned to make the band better than before.”

Martinez looks forward to all the fun that each game and each practice will bring to the band as a whole.

“Yes, band is fun. How can it not be,” he said. “Band teaches us to be productive members of society. Everyone takes away something that they will need in the future. Some of us will go on to a career that involves music, some may not, but we will also have learned about following directions from authority figures, learn how to be on time and how to manage that time.”

Martinez's main goal is to make Alice Alumni proud as he and his fellow drum majors continue to keep the Alice HS band tradition alive with new drum major uniforms.