PREMONT - A 60-acre grass fire headed toward a home on County Road 431 Thursday was extinguished by the Premont Volunteer Fire Department using four brush truck.

Quick action in assisting the Fire Department was Tate Weeks Services and SWZ Services using large farm tractors with discs, which prevented the fire from jumping the road into a very large west side field.

The two neighbors were able to disc the perimeter of the fire and contained it to the 60 acres. The Fire Department was able to extinguish the fire inside the disked area. As a result, no property damage occurred. 

Commissioner Emede Garcia also assisted with a backhoe.

We wish to thank Tate Weeks Services and SWZ Services for their prompt help in containing what could have turned out to be a bad fire," said Hector Zertuche Sr. with Jim Wells County environmental services. "Strong winds, low humidity and high temperatures were a contributing factor. We urge all Jim Wells County residents to be aware of very dry grass and to refrain from burning."