The Alice City Council is meeting Thursday night and like their last few meetings, this one could get heated.

The meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Alice City Hall.

On the agenda are a series of hot-button items.

Item 11 on the agenda calls for the setting of a recall election date for council members Elida Garza and Yolanda Sosa Moran. The two are at the center of a recall movement brought forth by residents unhappy with the new council members’ willingness to approve the opening of the city’s Multi-Use Complex with a set plan back in May.

The council discussed setting a date in their last meeting, but the discussion went nowhere. Mayor Jolene B. Vanover and council member Pete Crisp wanted the recall election to happen sooner than the upcoming uniform election date of Nov. 7.

According to the state’s election code, only the governor can call for a special or emergency election. As a result, Item 12 on the agenda is the discussion into directing city attorney David Towler to request Texas governor Greg Abbott to set a special election for the recall election. That item was added to the agenda by Vanover and Crisp.

On the agenda as well are executive session items that call for the council to “consider the evaluation, employment, appointment, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal” of city manager Andy Joslin and city attorney Towler. There are also executive session items pertaining to the possible appointment of an interim city manager and an interim city attorney.

Garza and Sosa Moran added the discussion of the city attorney on the agenda. Sosa Moran and council member Cynthia Carrasco called for the discussion of the city manager on the agenda.