The group seeking to recall two Alice City Council members says it will have the signatures it needs by Friday.

While they don’t have an exact total, recall organizers said they already have more than 100 signatures from registered voters to force the City of Alice to hold a recall referendum on recently-elected council members Yolanda Moran and Elida Garza. The two won their seats on the city council in the May 6th election.

Organizers said they have a total of 50 pages of signatures with each page holding up to 10 signatures.

Saying they have the interests of local taxpayers in mind, Alice residents Cindy Loera and Randall Dickens began the recall process two weeks ago. The two submitted affidavits with the names of 20 individuals who have since set out to gather the necessary signatures needed for the recall petition. According to the city, the group needs the signatures of 100 voters registered in Alice to place Moran and Garza on a recall referendum.

The group was given a window of 60 days, beginning June 9, to collect the signatures. Loera and Dickens said Wednesday they will turn in their petitions this Friday. According to the city, once the names of the Alice voters on the petition are confirmed, the city will move forward with the recall.

The group held a rally at Helena’s Home Cooking Wednesday evening. The southside restaurant was filled with recall supporters, some who showed up simply to add their signature to the petition.

“I haven’t talked to anyone who is offensive,” Loera said. “Everyone I’ve talked to has been for it. They’re saying they can’t believe the way the council is behaving. They’ve seen it posted on Facebook and some of them have been there and they’re shocked with the way they’re behaving. This council said they were going to work together and be united, and yet that hasn’t happened.”

Dickens said he fields dozens of calls from Alice residents daily.

“Basically, I’ve heard from a lot of people who have said they are disgusted with the way these ladies have acted,” Dickens said.

According to each of the affidavits filed by the group, the alleged “incompetence, misconduct or malfeasance” of Moran and Garza was “The act of voting to approve the opening of the Alice Natatorium without conducting a financial or operational due diligence nor determining the financial effect on the City of Alice taxpayers, including but not limited to where the money was coming from; was there ample funds in the adopted budget and without amending the budget in order to support the cost of opening the operation of the Alice Natatorium.”

Loera and Dickens said the two council members were irresponsible in voting to open the city’s embattled Multi-Use Facility in a council meeting in May. Despite a presentation by the city outlining options for opening the facility, Moran made a motion to simply open the natatorium. It was seconded by Garza. Council member Pete Crisp voted against the opening and urged the council to organize a workshop to discuss funding. Cynthia Carrasco abstained from voting, and the motion passed.

The Alice City Council has since unanimously voted to open the entire Multi-Use Complex for public use, including the water park area, by approving an amendment to the 2016-17 fiscal budget which reflects changes for the complex’s opening.