As Alice ISD prepares for a new school year, the school board approved the 2017-2018 dress code.

Recently, the school board received shocking recommendations to the district's dress code by high school students. Two recommendations on the list for high school students included unnatural colored hair and being able to show tattoos.

School Board Trustee Anjanette Benavides meet an hour and a half with the Student Council to address the students' recommendations to the dress code for the upcoming school year.

Proposal 1 – Students recommend allowing visible tattoos excluding the face and neck as well as any tattoos that depict or reference profanity, alcohol, drugs, violence, weapons and gangs.

Proposal 2 – To allow at least one unnatural hair color to blend with a student's natural color.

“I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. (Alex) Gonzalez ( Alice HS principal) and with the student council and it was such an exceptional meeting,” Benavides stated. “”The kids gave me their reasons for wanting certain things so than in turn I explained to them why certain things may not be a good idea. We met in the middle and made some changes and there were some things, that of course, I didn't bend on.”

The board did not approve the students' proposals.

Instead the 2017-2018 Alice HS dress code states no unnatural hair coloring and no visible tattoos.

Alice ISD starts the new school year on Aug. 28.