A severely malnourished horse was rescued Monday by Jim Wells County Sheriff deputies and People Assisting Animal Control (PAAC) volunteers.

The brown male horse was seen in a property on the 3000 block of Farm-to-Market 665 with no food or water.

“When we were notified about the horse and his health (JWC Livestock Investigator Aubrey) Harper and deputies got to work to try and find the horses's owner,” said JWC Sheriff Daniel Bueno. “Since we were unable to locate the horse's owner nor the property owner. Harper got a warrant to seize the horse.”

The sheriff couldn't say how the horse ended up on the property or if the horse was dropped off by someone else due to the gate not having a proper lock.

“We don't know how long the how has been on the property and in this condition,” Bueno stated. “Deputies have gone around knocking on the homes nearby with no avail.”

Harper's warrant allowed deputies to enter the property, seize the male horse and any other animals that were being cruelly treated.

A tour of the property by Bueno and deputies located a pond approximately 300 yards from the horse, approximately 20 buzzards and the stench of a dead animal (no dead animal was found).

“While there is a water source on the property the horse appears to be too weak to walk,” Bueno said. “Yes, there is plenty of grass for him to graze on, but one it lack proper nutrition and two he may have teeth problems that prevents him from eating.”

The horse was loaded into an air-conditioned horse trailer by PACC personnel, sheriff deputies and the sheriff himself. He was to be taken to a veterinarian to be examined. The horse is approximately 20 years old.

PAAC is taking all physical and financial responsibilities encountered with the horse, according to Bueno.

A hearing for the horse is set on Wednesday, June 21 in Orange Grove to determine the fate of the horse. As of Tuesday no owner has been located.

“We don't anticipate that anyone will show up to claim the horse,” Bueno said. “But we will continue to look for the owner who, if found, will be charged with animal cruelty.”