Alice ISD's new superintendent started her new position with visits to all the campuses where she addressed teachers, administration and maintenance departments about the future of Alice ISD.

But before Dr. Alma Charles took her new position she had already began to speak with the Alice community about what they wanted and what they were looking for.

“I can't do it alone. This job is huge and there's a lot of things to get done,” Charles said. “So I'm already asking for help. “There's a lot of work to get done and we need to continue. We need to work together as a team.”

Charles became superintendent on June 1. She is an Alice native and graduated from Alice High School in 1985.

During each visit, Charles outlined her mission, vision, goals and this year's theme – One Team, One Dream.

The mission of the Alice ISD, as a total community educational system committed to excellence, with primary emphasis on the pk to 12 program, is to graduate students who, through participation in quality instructional program, in innovative and challenging education experiences, and in partnership with the community, will develop self-esteem, moral values, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills which will prepare them to become responsible, productive citizens of the 21st century, according to Charles.

“We need to provide our students challenging educational experiences. We have to stretch their thinking because sometimes they think that's all they can learn and they can't do anymore...,” she said. “In order to get to exemplary performance we have to have highly qualified staff... You can't get to exemplary if there's someone who's mediocre. We can't have mediocre teachers in Alice. We have to have highly qualified, highly motivated, highly committed individuals that are committed to excellence performance.”

Charles vision if for Alice ISD is “As One Team with One Dream...we can transform AISD into a high performing school district and continue Coyote pride and tradition.”

She referenced Wikipedia “For over 100 years, Alice athletics and academics have consistently represented South Texas well in local and state competitions. The school has earned its nickname as 'The Pride of South Texas' because of this consistency.”

Charles urged everyone that they must remind people in South Texas that Alice is the pride of South Texas, but not with words but with actions.

On Thursday, June 8 Charles will be at the Salazar Elementary cafeteria from 9 a.m. Till 10 a.m. For a community meet and greet. The public is welcomed.