A pair of Alice voters insist they’re standing up for local taxpayers by taking the first steps in what they hope is the recall of newly-elected Alice City Council members Yolanda Moran and Elida Garza.

Cindy Loera and Randall Dickens began the recall process Tuesday afternoon by submitting affidavits with the names of 20 individuals who will inturn set out to gather the necessary signatures needed for the recall election. According to city officials, at least 100 signatures from voters registered to vote in the City of Alice are required to call for a recall election.

Loera and Dickens said the two council members were irresponsible in voting to open the city’s embattled Multi-Use Facility in a council meeting two weeks ago. Despite a presentation by the city outlining options for opening the facility, Moran made a motion to simply open the natatorium. It was seconded by Garza. Council member Pete Crisp voted against the opening and urged the council to organize a workshop to discuss funding. Cynthia Carrasco abstained from voting, and the motion passed.

“The way I see it, before they did anything with the MUC, they should have at least done a workshop...  decide where they money’s coming from instead of just jumping straight into it,” Loera said. “They should have done what Pete Crisp wanted to do, and they didn’t. They didn’t take into consideration all of the taxpayers. I know that’s where our money is going. And of course, our taxes are going up, and there’s a lot of individuals who haven’t even paid their taxes and who are behind already. How they’re going to see another tax increase?

“It’s sad. There are people who could possibly lose their homes, not to mention other stuff.”

Dickens said Moran and Garza weren’t acting in the best interest of Alice taxpayers.

“My thing is that it’s flat out crazy that they couldn’t have a budget workshop to look at where the financing would come from,” he said. “I think it’s a major slap in the face for the taxpayers.”

Garza said she was overwhelmed by calls of support throughout the day Tuesday.

“I’m going to be accepting of whatever the voters want,” Garza said of the possible recall. “I’m going to go along with it, but I’m not giving up my position and I’m going to continue to fight for what I believe. The citizens of Alice elected me to do this job and I intend to do it and fight for it.”

She also said that taxes have not been raised because of the Multi-Use Facility.

“Everybody thinks our taxes are going up because of the natatorium,” Garza said. “Our taxes aren’t going up because of the natatorium. The previous council voted to increase taxes, we didn’t. I voted for the natatorium and I want to find a way to keep it open for the kids' sake.”

Moran was unavailable for comment Tuesday.

According to the city of Alice, once the recall petition begins, organizers have 60 days to collect 100 signatures for each council member they seek to recall. With the needed signatures, the city would set up a referendum where voters would begin to recall or not recall either candidate.