With Hurricane season here, it's imperative residents get prepared, and county officials are encouraging them to register with the alert system.

The Local Unified Central Alert System (LUCAS) , a notification system, was put into practice in Jim Wells County in 2015 that would ensure residents would have clear instructions on what to do during a natural disaster.

LUCAS, in partnership with Blackboard Connect Inc., will notify those registered by e-mail, text or voice. Not only will the system warn the individual of what is occurring, it will give them directions on what to do to keep safe.

While the system was set up approximately two years ago, few residents took the time to register.

Recently, JWC Commissioner Precinct 1 Margie Gonzalez and County Judge Pete Trevino Jr. walked around the JWC fairgrounds to register residents who waited in line for the food bank.

In two days, the pair registered more than 400 individuals for the LUCAS system.

"Since we're going into Hurricane Season we're starting to have safety meeting for all our precincts to start getting prepared,” Gonzalez said. “The LUCAS system will make them aware of bad weather like tornados.”

To register to LUCAS, visit https://lucas.bbcportal.com/Entry.