The City of San Diego entered into a inter-local agreement with Duval and Jim Wells Counties, and the San Diego Municipal Utility District Number 1 that would continue work on several streets that would help eliminate the pot holes.

“Our main issues is the streets where we had (JWC) Commissioner Margie Gonzalez (Precinct 1), working on them for the past two weeks,” said San Diego Mayor Sally Lichtenberger.

Gonzalez has brought in machinery and man power to fix streets like South Ventura, Benavides, Seguin and King.

Because the City of San Diego is part of two counties, Duval and Jim Wells Counties, Gonzalez can provide assistance to the city.

“All of us here together can help San Diego because we're all located in the city,” Lichtenberger stated.

Portions of the four streets had caliche added and smoothed to make the roads easier and smoother to drive on. The streets that have been targeted have the majority of businesses.

More work is expected to be to put rock and oil to the roads to compensate for when the caliche gets washed off when it rains, Gonzalez stated.

“Whether it's Jim Wells County, Duval County it's sill in the City of San Diego. We still have to drive those roads in JWC to get to Valero, to get to Lowe's, to get to the cemetery,” Lichtenberger said.

Duval County Commissioner Precinct 2 Rene Perez, agreed to help the city in anyway possible once a plan with objectives was in order.

Attorneys for the entities in the inter-local agreement are going to review the resolutions of 1977 on the City Streets within Duval County and the City of San Diego.