To be sure that all law enforcement officers are up-to-date with the latest training the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) reviews officer files at police departments in the state every two years.

Recently, the Alice PD passed their three audits. One on the folders of every commissioned officer and every licensed dispatcher, training files and facilities, and the department's information system.

“Record keeping of all data is very important,” said Alice Police Chief Rex Ramon. If we don't pass any part of the audits we can lose personnel and computers that are noncompliant with TCOLE standards can be shut down. Than the department can't run checks on people plus we get fined.”

Sgt. Aniceto Perez is in charge of providing training classes for the officers. Each officer is required to have 40 hours of continuous education.

“Every officer is responsible for his own training hours. We set up classes locally so that our officers and others nearby have access. We have to have lesson plans that are also in order,” Perez stated. “All the hours that officers take are documented and filed. When TCOLE comes in, unannounced, they randomly pick folders to review. Those folders must be organized. For every form that isn't in the file we can be fined $1,000 per day.”

According to Ramon, Perez has to be on top of his job putting classes together and staying organized.

“We commend Sgt. Perez for all he does to ensure that everything is kept in line with TCOLE rules and standards,” Ramon said. “Everything went well. We passed the three audits and now we continue to move forward.”