One hundred and four stolen items were recently recovered by the Jim Wells County Sheriff deputies just north of Orange Grove.

Stolen items, included purses, tools, wallets with identification cards and household items, were found at a mobile home adjacent to County Road 3061.

According to JWC Sheriff Daniel Bueno, arrests are pending in the cases, but the department is also searching for the owners of the stolen property.

“Anyone whose been victimized is asked to call the department and contact an investigator to recover their property. We are working from the south side to the north side of the county to reduce crime and drug activity,” Bueno said. “We promise the JWC residents that if a crime occurs we will work diligently to arrest those individuals who committed the crime.”

Bueno thanks the watchful eyes of the JWC citizens for calling in suspicious activity. To reach JWC Investigators call 361-668-0341.