San Diego - Gone but not forgotten was the consensus at the 18th annual National Correctional Officer's Memorial Ceremony.

On Wednesday, May 10, the Ernestine Glossbrenner Unit acknowledged the work done by all the men and women who serve in the field of corrections especially the fallen officers.

The ceremony started with the presentation of colors by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Honor Guard and a prayer. The United States and Texas flag flew in the wind as the color saluted the colors.

During the ceremony a roll call was given for officers who died while on active duty for natural causes, car accidents or were killed.

The Missing Officer Table Toast was done as the importance of the Missing Officer Table was read. A small set up was placed next to the podium. The set up was made up of a small round table, which symbolized the everlasting concern for missing loved ones, a white table cloth which symbolized the purity of the officers' motives while answering the call of duty, a sword to symbolize honor, a single red rose displayed in a vase to remind us of the life each of these missing loved ones and friends of these correctional staff who keep the faith, a vase tied with a yellow ribbon to symbolize the continued determination to remember and “take care of our own,” a slice of lemon to remind us of the bitter fate of those killed or crippled while protecting society, a pinch of salt to symbolize the tears endured by those missing and their families who seek answers, the Bible to represent the strength gained through faith to sustain those who continue on, an inverted glass to symbolize the inability to share this day's toast and an empty chair for those that are missing.

White doves were released at the ceremony and the 21 Gun Salute was performed by the Department of Pubic Safety Honor Guard. Taps were played and a cannon was fired.