Brush Country CASA thanks their many dedicated volunteers for their service to children in Jim Wells County and surrounding areas. During Volunteer Appreciation Month, CASA recognized Michael Weiler, a CASA volunteer since 2014, for working with children and taking his time out of his busy schedule.

CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children, is a non-profit organization who trains and supports community volunteers as they help guide children through the foster care system, particularly through the courts.

Weiler became a CASA volunteer to fill a hole in his life.

“I had recently moved from Austin to Kingsville. In Austin I had volunteered with refugee youth from all over the world with a non-profit foundation for many years,” Weiler said. “I was actually out to dinner on my birthday with my wife where we were talking about this and on the way out she picked up a Brush Country CASA flyer and handed it to me, I was immediately attracted to the work they were doing to help children who really needed it.”

Weiler's goal as a CASA volunteer is to help the children he works with become successful adults.

“I often tell people my goal is to stop the cycle of abuse at this generation. You see many of the kids I have worked with parents were terribly abused making it somewhat easy to understand how the cycle continues, my goal is to stop that cycle at this generation,” he said.

Children who have a CASA Volunteer are less likely to be in long-term foster care, they are more likely to get the services they need to heal, they are more likely to have positive attitudes about their future, and more likely to pass all of their classes in school.

Weiler encourages others in the community to volunteer.

“You will not regret it. It is not always easy but the children are easy to love. I also tell them that there are thousands of CASA volunteers all across the United States from all walks of life,” he said. “People do this every day.”

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