San Diego - Teachers provide the foundation of knowledge that needed to be members of society. However, teachers do more than teach A,B,C's and 1,2,3; they inspire future generations to become the best they can be.

Two teachers at San Diego ISD were recently named Teachers of the Year.

Michelle Luera and Charles Garcia recognize that their teachers impacted the importance of education and how they would pursuit a profession in education.

The 2017 Secondary Teacher of the Year is Charles Garcia, who teaches geometry, web design, robotics and is the audiovisual technician.

Garcia grew up in a family who had careers that involved giving back to the community. He had two aunts in the educational field and his mother served on the Beeville ISD School Board.

“I strongly believe your success and failures are your own,” Garcia's bio stated. “We all have backgrounds that could be better, but what defines us is what we become as a result of our hard work and persistence.”

A part from being a teacher Garcia coaches little league sports such as t-ball, basketball and football.

“As an educator, it is my desire that each of my students reaches his or her potential,” Garcia said. “i aspire to provide them with a safe environment in which each student feels safe to take a risk and share their thoughts and ideas.”

The 2017 Elementary Teacher of the Year is Michelle Luera.

Luera is a 2006 graduate of San Diego High School. She continued her education by obtaining a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi.

She has taught at Collins-Parr Elementary since 2013 and is on the Accelerated Reader committee, is a UIL coach and Destination Imagination manager.

Luera's philosophy is driven by the pursuit that every child deserves a high quality education.

“(My) greatest accomplishment as a teacher is my ability to form and maintain positive and supportive relationships with (my) students,” Luera stated in her bio. “There are two main factors that influenced (me) to become a teacher; her family and the great teachers that have had a positive impact in (my) life.”

The teachers of yesterday influenced Garcia and Luera to become the influences of tomorrow.