Ninety-four grams of synthetic marijuana, 1.5 grams of black tar heroin, 2.2 grams of crack cocaine and four grams of cocaine were seized during a narcotic raid at a home on Walnut Street Friday morning.

At approximately 2:30 a.m., officers with the Alice Police Department, Duval and Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department, and the Central South Texas Criminal Investigative Unit entered the residence and immediately made contact with 28-year-old Jose Alfredo Mungia.

According to Sgt. Nick Juarez's police report, Mungia cooperated with the investigation by leading them to eight bags of rock cocaine, two bags of cocaine and nine bags of black tar heroin in a bedroom.

Further search of the residence by officers lead to the discovery of more cocaine, a box of sandwich bags, a black digital scale, eight bags of synthetic marijuana, a metal grinder and $240 in Mungia's wallet.

Mungia was transported to the JWC jail where he was charged with three counts of manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance.

As of Friday at 3 p.m., Mungia had a total bond of $15,000.