Under the new procedures and policies of the Hotel Occupancy Tax funds, two large events were approved at Wednesday's March 29 council meeting for funds in the amount of $10,000 each.

Both Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame Cinco de Mayo Fiesta and the Calaveras 13MC Alice TwinCam Rally were approved for the HOT funds under the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Alice Chamber of Commerce approved the allotted $1,800 with an additional $8,200 approved by city council for each event.

“It's a partnership business and we are here to promote the Tejano artists,” said Joe Lozano, Tejano ROOTS board member.

Tejano ROOTS CEO/President Ruben Lopez gave a summary of the fiesta, which this year will bring popular band Siggno. 

Calaveras President Romeo Trevino aka DJ Dragon, said the Twincam Rally is estimated to bring about 10,000 people to the Alice area from Corpus Christi, Rio Grande Valley, Austin and as far away as London.

“I'm asking the help from the city,” Trevino said. “It's a lot of hard work...this event is going to be huge.”

The council in March approved that all applications be processed with the Alice Chamber of Commerce – Convention Visitors Bureau, meet certain tax codes and create probable overnight stay. The application must be in place at least 90-days before the date of the event.

Organizations currently apply with Alice Chamber of Commerce - CVB up to $1,800 for promoting an event through advertising.

If events are requesting more than $1,800, the City Manager and legal staff have the authority to confirm up to $5,000 in HOT funds.

These HOT funds come directly from a hotel occupancy tax tagged on each hotel room rental.

Organizations or businesses asking over the amount of $5,000 with a maximum of $10,000 will then proceed to the council for approval.

Events could include 2-day sporting events, eco-tourism, concerts and the performing arts.

With proper itemized documentation and or receipts from the organizations approved to receive Hotel occupancy tax funds, the city would then pay out directly to the vendors and may take each event case-by-case.