The Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office and the State of Texas recognized the late Ruben Torres Sr. Thursday by presenting his family with a flag that hung over the Capitol.

Torres, a peace officer and former JWC Chief Deputy, passed away in January at the age of 82 leaving behind a wife, Olga, of sixty years, two children and grandchildren.

“I am honored to present to you this flag in memory of Ruben, who served our great state with honor and dignity. As the ultimate symbol of our state, the flag serves as both a token of gratitude and as a reminder of the importance of such service, firmly proclaiming the goodness emerging from the sacrifices of all peace officers in the State of Texas,” said Texas Governor Greg Abbot in a letter to Olga. “The State of Texas is forever in your debt for your support, commitment and patience.”

Torres began his career in law enforcement in the late 50's by joining the Alice Police Department as a dispatcher at the upstairs Police Station on Wright and First St. He was a member of the Texas Army National Guard, the United States Army Reserve, and the United States Marine Corp Reserve. He was an employee with the United States Postal Service, delivering mail on foot to the homes of those living in the area of Washington to Schallert and Gibson Streets. He was an Investigator with the 79th Judicial District of Texas and later Chief Deputy with the JWC Sheriff's Department.

During his illustrious career he maintained an entrepreneurs vision by owning a Janitorial Service and a Security business which he later named Torres Security Service.

“Thanks to everyone,” Olga said. “It's such a great honor and very consoling to know that he meant so much to so many.”

According to his son, Ruben Torres Jr., he was a humble man who was good natured, generous, and gave others the benefit of doubt.

“He had a way of dealing and talking with people that helped others feel comfortable being around him,” Ruben Torres Jr. stated. “It's hard to describe how he related to others, but he always said, 'treat others as you would like to be treated.'”

JWC Sheriff Daniel Bueno thanked the family for the many years of service that Ruben Torres Sr. gave to the citizens of JWC and the State of Texas.