Let me begin by thanking everyone for the chance to make a difference with a position that is both an honor and a responsibility. I have always been concerned with the state of our city, and have always had my share of thoughts on what could be done differently.

The issues and the problems of the past are just that, the past. We need to strive and move forward as a community, making decisions that will help all of the citizens of Alice, not just a select few. Raising the taxes does not solve our city’s financial problems and having our economy conformed is not the solution either.

I make a pledge that I will fight to not increase property taxes to support the city’s general budget and to strengthen our economy. I will obtain public input for our city’s infrastructure by soliciting and engaging the public. I believe that no one knows a neighborhood better than the people who live there, and I will listen to those people.

I am running for City Council in attempt to bring to City Hall what I so desperately have looked for in our leaders; the willingness to make tough decisions; a desire to manage the taxpayers’ money as if it were their own; and the principles, trustworthiness and integrity to be a true representative who listens to the citizens and makes decisions in terms of what is best for our city, and not themselves or special interests.

I’ve seen and heard many observations about what is wrong with city government. Yet the political will has been lacking to significantly change the landscape of Alice. Too many in town have an interest in leaving it be. In order to address wasteful spending and clear out the cobwebs, our city needs bold, new leadership unattached to the special interest that have placed our city where it is today. I can bring that.

I am prepared for service on the Council, with a balance of experience and fresh, energetic perspective. Our potential is boundless with the right leadership. We all know the heavy issues awaiting the next Council: the budget, and the need to address priorities and eliminate waste, and the need to keep our city on a sound financial ground for the long-term; and safe neighborhoods, safe schools which are essential to economic opportunity throughout the city.

My vision for Alice? Plentiful job opportunities and a growing small business base. City leaders who smartly manage taxpayer dollars and do not simply increase taxes or create new fees when they cannot make tough decisions.

A downtown bustling with activity. A city that can educate, develop, attract and retain the next generation of workforce. I am mindful and aware of Alice’s history, yet hopeful about what it can become. It is indeed a critical time in Alice’s history.

I am Hector L. Villarreal, candidate for City Council Place 3, and I hope to earn your vote on May 6, 2017, and early voting April 24, 2017- May 2, 2017.