After Duval County Sheriff deputies arrested Victor Gomez Jr. for a burglary charge on Thursday he assaulted an officer and escaped, according to sheriff officials.

Gomez was wanted in connection with a burglary that occurred on County Road 103. DCSO in conjunction with Texas Rangers arrested Gomez at a residence in Alice.

When the officer transported Gomez to the Duval County Jail. While inside the sally port, the fenced area surrounding the entrance of a jail or prison facility, he assaulted the officer and fled on foot. 

All officers on duty including the San Diego Police Department were called to search for Gomez.

Gomez was captured within minutes of his escape.

He was escorted back to the Duval County jail where he was booked. He was charged with burglary of habitation - non-forced entry, escape, assault on a peace officer and more charges are pending.