A 36-year-old San Diego woman was traveling west on West Highway 44 near County Road 132 when she was involved in a single vehicle rollover Thursday.

According to witness Marisa Alaniz, she and her husband saw the accident and immediately recognized the silver Hummer. The couple stopped to help.

Department of Public Safety troopers removed the woman, identified as Lisa Bueno by family and friends at the scene, from the vehicle.

"We stopped to help and (Bueno) was telling us that another car cut her off," Alaniz stated. "The other car didn't stop to help. It just took off."

According to Alaniz, Bueno was driving the speed limit but lost control of the vehicle.

The silver Hummer landed on its roof on the left side of the highway. During the rollover, the left side rear tire busted.

Bueno's family was on scene. 

Bueno was taken to the local hospital for precautions. Bueno was the only occupant. 

Department of Public Safety Troopers are investigating the accident. Jim Wells County deputies assisted with traffic and Alice Fire Department was called to the scene.