Safety is always number one priority in our everyday lives. Many events attract large crowds where, unfortunately, a tragic event can occur but there is a unsung hero in the shadows. 

For the last eight and a half years Jim Wells County K9 Deputy Rena has kept the residents of Jim Wells, Alice and surrounding communities safe during any possible threat, big or small.

“Every year Rena would assist CCPD (Corpus Christi Police Department) with events such as Beach-to-Bay, the Buc Days Illuminated Parade and once when First Lady Barbara Bush was in South Texas,” said Lt. Rey Aguilar, Rena's K9 handler.

Rena, a 10-year-old black German Shepard, was the only bomb dog in the county. Due to county budget cuts Rena hung up her leash at the end of 2016.

She is trained to alert law enforcement on 11 different explosives such as dynamite and C4 making her a valuable asset to law enforcement agencies.

“She assisted San Patricio County, Naval Air Station Kingsville and Corpus Christ, and was used throughout the years at local school to keep local students safe,” Aguilar stated.

Rena kept her skills by training at the impound lot or area school looking for objects with explosives scents. Being a law enforcement K9, Rena didn't socialize much with other animals or people. She is overprotective of her handler and will remain with him.

With a new year Rena has a new job description to fulfill. Rena has joined Max, Aguilar's rescue dog, in taking over Aguilar's backyard.

Rena will spend her days in the sun with Max, Aguilar and his family.