Wyatt Ranches donated $127,000 to Benavides Fire Rescue, the volunteer firefighting and rescue organization for the City of Benavides and a vast area of Duval County. The funds, procured through the Wyatt Foundation, were earmarked for the purchase of a fully-equipped metropolitan rescue pumper, the refurbishment of an existing tanker truck to support the rescue pumper, unexpected costs to complete a new fire station that was already under construction, and the remainder was used for the annual Christmas toy-give-away program organized by the Fire Department.

Juan Garcia, the Fire Chief for the City of Benavides, approached the Ranches in Summer 2016 and made a presentation for the fire-fighting apparatus; and, when funds from the City ran short to complete the fire station, Garcia returned to the Foundation and asked for additional monies.

“Wyatt Ranches and the Wyatt Foundation have really been there for our emergency services in Duval County," Garcia stated. "In your worst hour, when you call with an emergency, these people have really played a major part to help our Duval County citizens get those emergency services.”

In recent years, Wyatt Ranches donated two fully-equipped, state-of-the-art ambulances to Duval County, and made other donations to support overtime sheriff patrols and community-oriented police activities.

Bradford Wyatt, Administrator of Wyatt Ranches, said that Benavides’ Mayor Sijifredo Flores and members of the City Council: Natividad “Tivita” Charo, Juan A. Garcia, Robert “Chachi” Garcia, Alonzo Saenz, and Estela G. Saenz, had all been extremely informative with providing the needed details to support this contribution.

“We realize our rural communities are stretched thin for funds,” Wyatt said. “The Ranches are proud to support these communities that are often struggling with budget restrictions; and, we saw the Mayor and Council put these funds to immediate use. It’s not as if the donation just disappeared into their general fund. The council acted - and they acted fast - to get these funds to the Duval County citizens for their fire rescue needs.”

Benavides Fire Rescue provides emergency fire and rescue services for approximately 900 square miles, the largest geographical area for southern Duval County. The department has 20 firefighters that volunteer from Benavides, Concepcion, Realitos and Rios. Several members are also certified as emergency care attendants and emergency medical technicians.

“Our members are extremely dedicated and they are constantly striving to learn the newest firefighting techniques and safety protocols," Chief Garcia said. "The new equipment could not have come at a better time.”

Situated in both South Texas and West Texas, Wyatt Ranches has six ranching divisions, with corporate offices in Realitos, Edinburg, and Houston. The cattle ranches are scattered from Corpus Christi south to the Rio Grande River; and west from Marfa to Valentine, with some ranches supplemented with agricultural farming operations. The Wyatt Foundation is headquartered in Realitos, Texas, and their directors include Billy Wells, Don Nelson, Steven Wyatt, and Bradford Wyatt.