The Alice Police Department recently received 11 new vests and five tasers to use in the line of duty.

The vests, one for each member of the SWAT team, was purchased through a US Department of Justice Assistance Grant for approximately $6,800.

“The rifle plate carriers the SWAT was using did not provide the adequate protection the officers needed,” Lt. Jason Childers with the Alice PD. “The new vests provide more coverage and comfort.”

When the SWAT team is deployed they must wear the vests, which weighs between 20 to 50 pounds each not including extra equipment.

Five new tasers are being used by Alice patrol officer. The X26P tasers with holsters are on loan from the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office.

With approximately 40 officers there were not enough taser for each officer. Some of the Alice PD's tasers were outdated and needed to be replaced.