Benavides - A Veterans Day celebration Saturday honored the men and women who fought for the United States in the Armed Forces over many years fighting for the freedoms and rights of all Americans.

America's Last Patrol, Inc. gathers every Veterans Day to honor all veterans that have served their country. This year guest speaker Warrant Officer Bernade “Sonny” Guerra Jr., US Arm Retired Helicopter Pilot.

Guerra shared background information of a few of his fellow servicemen including his best friend, Roberto “Beto” Gonzalez.

“All our stories are different,” Guerra said. “Your presence here today and that of the people gathering across America to pay tribute to (veterans) and their families is a way to remember...God bless our troops, God bless America.”

Families and friends of the service men placed a brick on the Memorial Wall. The veterans honored were:

SFC James, R. Kurth – US Army KIA Iraq, SSGT Oscar Garcia – US Army KIA Vietnam, LCPL Otis Cooper Jr. - USMC KIA Vietnam, SG Larry W. Tipton, SP4 Juan G. Barrera – US Army, CPL Daniel Vela – US Army, SGT Hernan Garcia – US Army, AMN Mitchell A. R. Wood – USAF, SSG Robert H. Hester – US Army, SGT Roberto V. Garza Sr. - US Army, CPL Ramon G. Garcia – US Army, Stephen D. Garcia – US Army, A3C Elba M. Collado – USAF, SGT Israel L. Rivera – US Army, PFC Bernardino Soria – US Army, SP4 Nicolas P. Garza – US Army, SP4 Roberto C. Gonzalez – US Army, SGT Bentio L. Flores – USMC, SFC Refugio R. Villarreal – US Army, PFC Jose M. Ibanez – USMC, TSGT Herminio R. Bentancourt – US Army, S1 Jose A. Alaniz – US Navy, SGT Carlos San Miguel – USAF, CPL Acencion Rivera – US Army, SGT Raul G. Hinojosa Jr. - USMC and SGT Jose M. Garcia – US Army.

The family of PFC Jose M. Ibanez was presented with the United States flag on behalf of the President of the United States. Ibanez's family had not received an American flag after his passing.

The Patriots Band and Honor Guard from Corpus Christi provided military music, 21-gun salute, Taps and posted colors.