Recently Coastal Bend College Alice students were given a lesson in reality, in domestic violence.

The Women's Shelter of South Texas and members of the community addressed a major issue in the nation by having students watch a documentary,Telling Amy's Story.

Domestic violence is the leading cause of injuries to women. One in every four women and one in every seven men are victims of domestic violence.

In 1997, Amy Homan McGee fell in love with Vince McGee. Instantly her co-workers and family noticed changes in Amy's behavior.

Family, co-workers, law enforcement and members of the court discussed Amy's life from the moment she met her husband to the minute he shot her inside their home. At the age of 33 Amy left behind two children.

Vince would drive her to work and pick her up. He would call her work constantly. Amy would go to work with bruises or miss work due to the violent relationship.

Amy attempted to get away from Vince several times but never left him completely. One day, her last day alive, she finally had enough of the relationship and called it quits. She went home, thinking her husband was out, to get her babies clothing and never came out.

Before, during and after the documentary two survivors spoke about their personal experiences with domestic violence and how their lives changed.

Ashlie Barrera with the Women's Shelter of South Texas, Yvonne Toureilles Assistant District Attorney, Alice Police Chief Rex Ramon, County Judge Pete Trevino and Jim Wells County Investigator Lucas Thomspon explained the different legal aspects of domestic violence.

Toureilles explained what changes have been made in prosecuting domestic violence and how many people blame the victim for staying.

Thompson and Ramon stressed the importance of law enforcement and that their offices were ready to listen and protect the victims.

One in every four women and one in every seven men are victims of domestic violence.

A question and answer panel was held after the documentary to give the attendees a chance to ask questions about domestic violence in the local area and what someone could do to get help.